Independence day an ocean apart

July 4th weekend in 2011 was an interesting one for my dad. He had been dead for several years, but his rocks were on great adventures in different parts of the world.

I was in Philadelphia for my dear friends’ wedding. I spent a day alone with one of Dad’s rocks, touring historic and beautiful old town Philly, ending with a beautiful outdoor concert of patriotic music by the Philadelphia Pops. Afterwards I walked past Benjamin Franklin’s burial plot and surreptitiously chucked Dad over the wall into a less tended area to avoid detection.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, my uncle was taking Dad on a wonderful European vacation, including Florence, Italy and a roulette wheel in Monte Carlo. Over 4th of July weekend they went to the burial site of General George Patton in France, where Uncle Dick discretely placed a rock. I loved the thought that on the same weekend he was left at spots representing the two things that make our country great – democracy and a strong military.