How Bobrocks Was Born

I was in your shoes. I was mourning the sudden death of my dad, Bob Williams, lamenting the idea of him being stuck on a shelf in an urn. My husband came up with the idea of creating skipping-type stones with Dad’s ashes fused inside as he loved the outdoors, especially fly-fishing.

To date, Dad has traveled to 35 states and 21 countries since his death, from the Great Wall of China to a village in Uganda … from a roulette table in Monte Carlo to a fishing camp in Alaska. I keep a map of Dad’s journeys. I wish I had his frequent flyer miles!


“Thank you! The stones are wonderful. I don’t want to give them away, but each granddaughter has picked their special one and taken it. I put one on my bedside table and rub it before I climb in my bed. They do comfort me.” – Kahla P.

“I keep one of the rocks in my bedroom and the other in my purse, so he is always near me. My oldest daughter also keeps hers in her purse so that he goes everywhere she goes. My husband’s best friend and hunting buddy keeps his in his hunting jacket so that he is with him whenever he goes hunting. Bobrocks are a beautiful memorial to our loved ones who have passed.” – Claire T.

We have been urged to change the name, but time and time again I keep coming back to Bobrocks, so I guess it stays.

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