How much ash is needed?  Very little ash is used to produce the beautiful patterns you see, as little as one teaspoon per every 10 rocks. This allows you to disperse the majority of the ashes in accordance with your loved one’s wishes.


How long will it take to get the rocks?  Turnaround time depends on our backlog, but is often as little as one week. Engraving will take longer.

Can I combine the ashes of two people? Yes. We have made rocks that contain the mingled ashes of spouses, as well as parent/child. You can also have stones made with ashes from one individual, and then have additional stones made with mingled remains.

Can I feel the ash on the surface? No, the ash is securely sealed into the glass.

What do you do with the extra ash? All surplus ash is returned with the order.

If I need additional rocks later on, can I get them?  Of course we are happy to accept reorders, but it is cheaper to order extra rocks with the original order than to reorder later.  We encourage customers to round up on their order, as invariably more people will want one once they see them.

These were so well-received by family I find myself needing more! They are truly beautiful. Ann K.


How big is a Bobrock? Bobrocks are about 1-1/2 inches wide.

Where are they made? Bobrocks are made in Oregon.



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